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SPE electrolysis technology

Using the world's leading SPE electrolysis technology (hydrogen and oxygen separation), the residual chlorine residual ozone problem after electrolysis is completely solved, the drinking water quality is healthier, the parameters are more stable, and the electrolysis time is shorter. Applicable to all drinking water quality, pure water, distilled water can also be electrolyzed.

Imported core components

South Korea imported titanium platinum electrode, with Japan imported hydrogen-rich special ion membrane, high hydrogen content, according to different water quality, rich hydrogen content of 800-1200ppb.

Simple design

European and American design style, simple and stylish appearance, food-grade AS material cup body, without BPA, safe and pure, enhance the texture of the water cup.

Dual mode design

The user-friendly dual mode design allows the cup and base to be combined and split. Original cup body + base, business home is more fashionable; bottled water + base, outdoor travel is more portable. Equipped with double-bore fittings for more than 95% of bottled water connections worldwide.

Innovative structural design

The bottom water vapor tank design not only removes residual chlorine and ozone, but also collects water vapor that occasionally oozes during the electrolysis process. The cup cover is safely pressure-relieved to avoid body damage and accidents caused by excessive electrolysis internal pressure.

Cleaning function

The electrode can clean the scale attached to the electrode surface due to long-term electrolysis, which not only ensures the hygiene of the water cup, but also prolongs the service life of the electrode.

High quality lithium battery Humanized charging system

It uses a high-quality polymer lithium battery for a longer charge and discharge life. Micro USB power connector for easier charging.


Instructions for use:

1. Water injection / connection water bottle:
Household mode: Open the lid and pour a proper amount of drinking water into the cup (water temperature <60 °C). The amount of water should not be too full.
Outdoor mode: Unscrew the base cover and the electrolytic cell cover, and open the bottled water screw. According to the size of the water bottle, you can select the corresponding base interface accessory. Align the threaded port of the base with the screw thread on the water bottle mouth and turn it clockwise.
***Attention to the bottled water volume should not be too full, it is recommended to about 80%, to avoid excessive pressure inside the water bottle after electrolysis, resulting in water vapor out when opening the bottle.

2. Start the electrolytic hydrogen production process:
Short press 2 button, the buzzer will sound 1 beep, enter the 5 minute working mode, the LED light changes colorfully;
When the working time is up, the buzzer will sound for 1 time, and the water cup will automatically stop the current function and enter the standby state;
During the work, press the 1 button to manually stop the current function.

3. Start the cleaning function:
Pour water into the water cup. When the water cup is not working, press and hold the button for 2 seconds to enter the cleaning function. The red LED flashes and keeps a short beep. The cleaning time is 5 minutes. After the cleaning is completed, the electrolyzed wastewater is poured off (do not drink).
*** Depending on the quality of the source water, it is recommended to turn on the cleaning function every 10-15 times.

4. Low battery reminder function: When the power is low, the current function is automatically turned off, the beep is 3, and the red light flashes 3 times.

5. Charging: When there is no working status, plug in the external USB to charge, the red light is on; after the battery is full, the green light is on.

6. LED status indication:
Colorful change: working status
Red: Charging
Green: fully charged
Red LED flashes: low battery / cleaning

7. Drink hydrogen-rich water at the end of hydrogen production. For higher concentrations of hydrogen-rich water, electrolysis can be repeated. When the bottled water is electrolyzed several times, it is recommended to unscrew the water bottle after each electrolysis and then carry out the next electrolysis.

Daily maintenance and precautions

1. The source water quality should meet the "Sanitary Standard for Drinking Water". The ideal water is bottled mineral water, purified water or filtered tap water. The working water temperature is controlled below 60 °C. Do not pour tea, juice, beverages or other chemical solutions to avoid contamination or damage to the electrodes.

2. The cup should be cleaned when it is used for the first time. The cup lid and the cup body can be rotatably disassembled, and the cup body can be washed and disinfected with hot water of 80-95 ° C, neutral detergent or appropriate amount of white vinegar. The base of the cup should not be placed in water or rinsed with water. Wipe it off with a clean, damp cotton cloth.

3. If it is not used for a long time, the electrolytic cell needs to be kept moist. Therefore, it is necessary to pour a small amount of purified water into the electrolytic cell and then cover the electrolytic cell cover.

4. If it is not used for a long time, the electrolytic cell becomes dry, which will cause the amount of hydrogen gas to decrease.
Solution: Pour water into the water cup, electrolyze 3 times in normal work, electrolyze 3 times in the cleaning work, and then soak for 2 hours or so to restore performance.

5. After using for a period of time, if there are more white crystal particles in the water, or scales appear on the cup wall and the electrolytic cell, you can use a proper amount of hot water of about 60 °C to soak in white vinegar or citric acid for 10 minutes, and pour out the soaking solution. Rinse with water several times.

6. Avoid using the power socket for water in daily use. If you accidentally enter the water, stop the current work immediately, and use a absorbent cloth or paper towel to dry it and put it in a ventilated place to dry naturally.

7. If the hydrogen-rich water cup fails, please contact the manufacturer or dealer in time. The user is responsible for damage caused by disassembly and repair.

Brand Name Singularity
Type Hydrotherapy Equipment?
Model No 300ML rich hydrogen water cup
Packing size 25X9X18CM
Color White
G.W(KGS) 1.0KG
Origin China (Mainland)
Warranty 1 year

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