Bioplasm 8D-LRIS Bioresonance Machine - Aura Chakra Healing

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The Non-Linear System (NLS) uses the most advanced Resonance spectroscopy analysis, Quantum resonance analysis,Acoustic resonance analysis,Tomography scanning available today. Modern day research on energy fields around plants and animals has concluded that there exist extremely weak, frequency specific, vortex magnetic fields around biological systems. People have utilized this knowledge for thousands of years in the ancient disciplines of the Yoga-Chakra traditions, the Chinese Medicine traditions and others.

8D-LRIS Recognizes and Treats:

.Osteo-skeletal system(bones,joints,muscles,etc.)
.Lymphatic system,lymph nodes individual
.Vascular system(coronary vessels,arteries,veins,capillaries).
.Nervous system,(brain,spinal cord,hypothalamus, pituitary)
.Urogenital system(kidney,bladder,ovaries,uterus, prostate)
.Respiratory system(lungs,trachea,bronchi,etc.)
.Digestive system (stomach,intestines,esophagus,liver,etc.)
.Endocrine system(thyroid,adrenal glands,etc.)
.Bacteria,fungi,viruses and parasites.
.Blood components,hormones and enzymes.
.Allergens and environmental toxins.
.Food ,herbs,homeopathics,pharmaceuticals etc.


Ear & Foot Acupuncture Analysis


DNA & RNA deep scanning

Microorganism scanning

NLS results compare with others

CE Certificate

Type Bio-resonance diagnosis device
Model No 8D-LRIS
Packing size 36X26X13CM(L*W*H)
Color Black
G.W(KGS) 2.50KG
Origin China (Mainland)
Warranty 3 years

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