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Why use Metatron 4025 hunter?

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      The Metapathia GR Hunter is one of the most powerful health risk-assessment tools currently available. the Metatron 4025 Hunter with FDA and Medical certificates. The Metapathia GR Hunter can help you get a huge success in the field of health.

       “Metapathia GR Hunter” is a new, revolutionary step in software creation. Hundreds of virtual models, starting with chromosomes, DNA and cells and 
up to models of organs and joints, were added to  “Metapathia GR Hunter”.

      Also the algorithm of the software was renewed, thus the effectiveness and reliability of researches was increased. The most significant addition to
  “Metapathia GR Hunter” – is a module called HUNTER, which allows revealing of oncological 
on early stages.
   New user interface of the software is intuitively obvious; all symbols are visual and easy to remember.

       “Metapathia GR Hunter” together with new models of  “METATRON” are considered to be a leader in nonlinear diagnostics sphere, and medical
 certificate allows using of the system everywhere.

    The main feature of Metapathia GR Hunter software is function called “Three-dimensional Scanning” which allows to localize automatically a nidus where tumor appeared, heritable diseases, etc. and to find the reason of appearance at genome level, passing one after another histological cuts, cytological cuts, chromosome sets, separate chromosomes, and go deeper to fragments of DNA helix. During a research the gross changes in tissues shown on macro cuts are revealed,
and then a research of the histological cuts of the chosen tissues is carried out in a place of major pathological changes.
    Then, after histological cut research is done, the search of significantly changed cells is carried out in order to find changes in cell structures. This algorithm then goes to the level of chromosome set, looks for the changes in separate chromosomes, after that starts a research of DNA helix. Also user may carry out the research of multivariate topological picture and metastatic disease. It allows additional searching for metastasis in other organs. The researches are held in
automatic mode and user can interrupt it in any moment.

Why use Metatron 4025 hunter?

 the advantages of our new system "metatron"-4025 with "metapathia gr hunter" software are:
adaptation of a brand new system of continuous scanning developed together with our USA partner Clinic Tech Inc.
for high-performance multidimensional non-linear scanners (metatrons) of Z series, thus reliability of researches is increased greatly.
•Research speed is increased more than 5 times.
•The main peculiarity of HSS “Metatron”-4025 with “Metapathia GR Hunter” software is “multidimensional virtual  scanning” that allows automatically localize a nidus of tumor, hereditary diseases and reveal a reason of its  appearance at genome level, by sequential passing through histological and cytological sections, chromosomes and  going deeper to fragments of DNA molecule.
•Introduced for the first time in “Metapathia GR Hunter” software: all peculiar to Homo Sapiens species anatomical, histological, cytological structures including ultramicroscopic ones.
•Introduced for the first time in “Metapathia GR Hunter” software: spectrums of minerals and gems, it allows to select according to individual biocompatibility a gem for permanent carrying or apply lithotherapy – healing treatment of organism by mineral radiated spectrum.
Why use Metatron 4025 hunter?

Introduced for the first time in “Metapathia GR Hunter” software: a possibility to evaluate not only tissues of human 
organism, but also an ultra structure of microbial agents, viruses, helminthes, rickettsia, toxoplasms and trace on 
which parts of bacterial cell various antimicrobial medications influence.

•Introduced for the first time in “Metapathia GR Hunter” software: “iridodiagnostics” and  “auricolodiagnostics” modes.

•Introduced for the first time in “Metapathia GR Hunter” software: selection of homeopathic medications with 
potency taken into consideration.

•Introduced for the first time in “Metapathia GR Hunter” software: introduced “Smart-filter” function for handy and 
quick automatic selection of spectral processes and medications with process topology taken into account.

•Database of medical products, food supplements and homeopathic remedies significantly extended.

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