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How to use Remote Meta Black Box?

Author:Biophilia  UpdateTime:2019-03-24

How to use Remote Meta Black Box?

Insert your DNA + RNA samples in the black box.

Connect the black stereo mini jack to your Bioconductor (headphone)

And of you go !! Work with clients all over the world as if they are sitting at your desk !

Need more power ?   Can handle up to 55 Volt and up to 100 Watts of power !

Inside the box there is a very powerful and proven to work Scalar Waves transmitter.

The extra free options are giving many possibilities.

Connect the white mini stereo jack to your mobile, stereo, amplifier (up to 55 w)
And sent audio to lift the scalar waves with an extra push.

Want to combine Spooky2 or Rife ?

Use the spooky2 bnc to mini jack converter (in your spooky kit of online)
Select your spooky2 program and off you go by a real Quantum Scalar Waves
transmitter (yes size does matter).

Want to do power radionics ?
Use the white stereo mini jack and do you thing

Note: the white stereo mini jack can only be used for 1 purpose at the time.

So you choose what to combine with the NLS yourself.


How to use Remote Meta Black Box?


Black is used for > NLS headset input on device, remote analysis and treatments
The many big advantages are clear for the owners. Like scanning and treating people all over the world
Note: use the dna+rna samples as I instructed !

White cable and stereo connector ( a effective big Scalar Waves Transmitter inside the box) is used for Rife, Spooky,Audio (mobile, amp, stereo), Balancing and DNA healing.

A BIG SECRET: The white connector has more advantages.
Connect it to the input of CUP from your device for specifically NON contact (*Reprint\Remedy button, Freqs\remedies are sent to the cup)
remedies, treatments\inverting fears, emotions, diseases, genetic disorders, curses, etc, etc.

How to use Remote Meta Black Box?

How to use Remote Meta Black Box?

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